A reflection on my pregnancy

I’m writing this as I wait for little one to make her appearance and I thought “what better a time to reflect on my pregnancy and the things I wish I’d known at the beginning?”

  1. Don’t stress so much about what you eat. There’s a lot of literature out there to convince mums-to-be that they must eat super healthily. Having suffered from very severe eating disorders in the past, this is something I’ve struggled with throughout the whole of my pregnancy. I’ve by no means eaten a strict or healthy diet and I’ve felt very guilty about the foods I’ve eaten – having had many a breakdown that I was making my baby fat and ill. I can’t believe I spent so much of my time worrying about this and now they are having to induce me as they fear she may be too small. Maybe people did tell me that I didn’t have to eat as healthily as the pregnancy books and apps suggest, I don’t know, but I wish I’d believed them if they did. **In the end she ended up being a slightly small but perfect 6lbs 8oz**
  2. Don’t worry about how your body will change. Embrace it and love it. I spent many hours when I first found out I was pregnant stressing out over the fact I was going to get “fat” and put on 28lbs etc. Worrying that I wouldn’t be able to cope with it. That was a waste of time. Trust your body, it is doing a miraculous thing. – Plus, in reality I’ve only put on just over a stone and I loved every way in which my body changed!
  3. Buy a folder for your notes. Mine ended up looking like they’d been chewed by a dog after carrying them everywhere in the third trimester!
  4. Don’t worry too much. In pregnancy there is SO much to worry about and trying not to worry about them is easier said than done but the things that “go wrong” tend to be the things that haven’t crossed your mind anyway.
  5. Ask people about their birth experiences. People love to talk about themselves and it’s actually really interesting.
  6. Embrace your pregnacy and be proud of it. I found that many a time I was made to feel like my pregnancy was a hinderance. Don’t let people make you feel this way. Be honest about how you’re finding things, especially at work. You’re pregnant, you don’t need to be making excuses!
  7. The only maternity clothes worth buying are over-the-bump jeans. Maternity clothes tend to be over priced and despite having a very small bump, the ones I bought from TopShop in particular didn’t even last me the whole of my pregnancy. Primark is fab to get cheap, nice and stretchy things instead!

** Looking back at this now that I’ve given birth, I’d like to add a few things:

  1. Giving birth REALLY hurts! I’d planned all along that I’d try to give birth just by focusing on my breathing and the saying “be careful what you wish for” has never been more true. After my contractions started, I was desperate for some pain relief. I tried one puff of gas and air and decided I couldn’t be dealing with that, I was then told that things were progressing too fast for an epidural. I was devastated! It’s really important that you stay true to yourself during labour but also that you allow yourself to change your mind. It takes a lot of strength to give birth but even more strength to recognise that maybe you aren’t as strong as you think and don’t have to be a hero. Saying that, I’m already forgetting the pain and complaining about the after cramps even though I swore I would never complain about little cramps ever again!
  2. Everyone will tell you that you’ll miss being pregnant – you’ll struggle to believe them but honestly, it might be lack of sleep and the racing hormones but every time I think about my little angel being tucked up inside my belly and kicking me in the ribs it makes me a little teary! I’m so glad that I took lots of photos and remembered to take a couple of photos in hospital so that I will always be able to look back on the way my body grew to create such a prefect little creature.

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